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Wedding Budget Calculator

Oliver Golf &

Country Club

"Picking your wedding date is a big step.  Pick your season, day, and what type of wedding event you want to have.  

Keep in mind you might be able to save money by switching seasons or days!"

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"Choosing what beverages to serve your guests can be tricky. Use the calculator to choose between types of packages and the duration you want to host them for your guests. 

You can always choose not to host as

well and let them buy a cash bar.  Play

around with the prices & options here.

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Most main courses come with one choice that can be added onto with other entree's and apps. 


Pick your main entree' here and then choose other add-ons if you would like. 


Watch the price go up and down based on your choices to find your perfect combination

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This is the fun part of planning!!   Pick from a wide range of upgraded options to give your wedding that special look and feel that people will remember. 

Keep in mind these aren't absolute must-haves but playing with options is so much fun!!

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Don't forget these additional options to dress the experience up even more for your guests.

Many of these items your venue has in house and can save you money by renting from them.  Others might be available through their preferred vendor list.  Select a few items and see how it changes your estimate to find out if it fits within the budget you have planned out.

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You did AWESOME!!  Now send this out to yourself so you can use it to help plan your big day at this venue.

You will immediately get the estimate with some awesome suggestions on vendors and wedding planning tips. 

This is an incredible wedding in the making!!!

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